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Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader

ASL is the ultimate wargame,but DASL takes it one step further.Anyone who has played DASL knows what we are talking about,but if you've only played ASL,then listen.The hexes are 2.2 inches wide,so there is no heavy stacking.Ownership of support weapons is shown by stacking,but that's it! Even a 2 story building, full from the ground up,requires no stacks.The only problem with DASL is that Avalon Hill only published two modules, comprising eight mapboards.We want to hear your ideas for new DASL material and products. We also want to see any DASL scenarios you may have come up with.As we expand our page, we will compile a listing of DASL scenarios, with amateur ones in the mix. We are hoping to put out some amateur DASL material, so if you have an idea you want to get out, contact us. Please contact us at the email address below.Coming soon:DASL Chronology of War.

Andrew Delich
P.O.Box 304
Masonville, CO 80541
United States

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